What we do: 

Support, promote and recognize Veterans Service Organizations, Veterans Programs and Veteran Owned Businesses nationwide.  AUSV illuminates the work of such like-minded groups and educates our national community on the vital service of our VSOs.

Why we do it: 

To provide an accountable and efficient platform through advocacy and recognition of our service members. We strive to maximize collective impact through collaboration and cooperation within the Veterans community.

Who do we serve:

We serve those, who serve those, who served! 

Communication Strategies









Allow us to tell your story and expand your audience base through our tailored messages. The public relations team at AUSV is dedicated to the development and deliverance of:

  • Branding.

  • Skillful articulation of your message.

  • Creatively documenting your achievements.

  • Content and program development.

  • Customized Veteran-advocacy programs designed to reach a wider range of audiences.

  • Expansion and promotion within Veteran industries and communities.

Allow us to build and cultivate relationships for you nationwide and bring the intended audience right to your doorstep. Through our media partnerships, we will conduct the following on your behalf:

  • Target and identify optimal media outlets.

  • Generate and develop meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with influential media outlets.

  • Develop and refine strategies according to audience.

  • Create story angles from a variety of sources, everyday interactions and editorial trend spotting.

  • Develop media tools including press releases, customized pitches, advisories, editorial content, and coordination of media opportunities.

  • Schedule and facilitate media interviews.

  • Produce and distribute media content.

Allow us to carefully sculpt your event to fit your brand needs. From preplanning events to execution, AUSV will bring you the highest level of community engagement through: 

  • Objective-driven event planning.

  • Research and identification of the appropriate network for you, your members, your audience and your supporting community. 

  • Create event platforms to share your vital services to the national community.

  • Celebrity outreach.

  • Entertainment.

  • Lead generation.

  • Coordination of invitations and gifts.